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I’m Kirk Benell and I’m a software technologist with a wide-variety of interests as well as expansive experience in software technologies. My passion, expertise and experience all center around the ideation, construction and bringing to market innovative software products. Possessing a unique mix of technical abilities and innate market intuition, I take a holistic approach to everything I’m involved with.

I’ve worked in geospatial, navigation and scientific visualization domains for all of my professional career, with a diverse industry background. As a software developer for many years, I have extensive experience with the day-to-day demands of an engineering team. Also, as an Engineering Executive/CTO, I know the importance of leadership, software business considerations and taking strategic vision to product implementation. My professional experience is outlined in my resume.

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Kirk Benell

Executive and Leadership

    • 20+ years of software business experience in both small and with a large-public companies
    • Held senior level positions including Director, VP Engineering and Chief Technology Officer
    • Oversaw rapid organization growth during ownership transitions as well as in support of commercial success
    • Recognized as the “vision” leader – working with team members and customers to build a strategic technical/product plan
    • Have overseen strategic technical roadmap generation, R&D investments and technical transitions into product deliverables
    • Key member of multiple merger and acquisition evaluation and integration teams
    • Lead technical integration and product strategy in support of large strategic partnerships
    • Oversaw 60+ sized engineering teams, spanning multiple locations and countries
    • Technical evangelist, supporting the community and company marketing activities and events worldwide
    • Transformed conventional Engineering organizations into agile, high-performing teams on many occasions

Engineering and Technology

    • Trained in Physics and Computer Science
    • 20+ years as software engineer and architect
    • Extensive experience and knowledge of geospatial computing, image analytics and GIS
    • Extensive experience and knowledge in scientific visualization and computing
    • Developed, designed and implemented solutions in support of desktop, enterprise and mobile product solutions
    • Lead engineer in support of key customer interactions
    • Train, mentor and coach both existing and new team members
    • Established best practices and systems for both legacy and new product development
    • Lead member in support of standards bodies and open source strategy
    • Recognized as a high-performer, constantly delivering unique solutions that delight customers