Aloof is an iTunes remote control that operates natively on your Mac, delivering seamless and timely access to your music playback.

Ideal for locations where iTunes is operating on a different computer, Aloof provides rapid and direct access to your music from your Mac working environment. Your no longer forced to use remote iOS apps, screen sharing or even walking to your music computer — all playback control is at your fingertips using Aloof.

Aloof delivers playback control, current track information, management of your playback list as well as a powerful search capability to rapidly find that must listen to song.

Aloof also provides direct access to the playlists you’ve defined on your iTunes server, allowing rapid selection of your music playback source. While the playlist source is selected from Aloof, the complicated task of Playlist management is left to be performed directly within iTunes.

First Step

After aloof is installed, the first step is pair Aloof with your iTunes server. This process is similar to other iTunes remotes and described in detail in “Pairing with iTunes”.

Next Step

Once Aloof is paired with iTunes, it’s ready for operation. Start learning more about Aloof from “Now Playing”

Disclaimer: iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This program makes no claim to be either authorized or approved by Apple, Inc.