Pairing is the process of registering Aloof with iTunes and follows the same process as other remote control applications. The registration process is required for Aloof to operate with your iTunes server.

The processes is initiated by Aloof, by providing a pairing code and broadcasting the desire to register with any iTunes installations on your local network. When this occurs iTunes will present a panel to enter the pairing code. Once the Aloof provided paring code is entered into iTunes, Aloof is registered with that iTunes installation and can start normal operation.

Aloof can pair with any number of iTunes installations, supporting use across all your iTunes installations and locations.

Starting the Pairing Process

To start the paring process, ensure that iTunes is running on the desired server and reachable from computer Aloof is installed and running on. On the Aloof interface, switch to the settings panel and click the Add Server button – the Plus sign under the Paired Servers listing.

[image_frame title=”Starting iTunes Pairing” alt=”Starting the pairing process”][/image_frame]

Pairing Code

Once the Add Server button is pushed, Aloof will display a pairing code. Make note of this four digit number – it will be entered into iTunes to complete the pairing process. Halt the pairing process at anytime by pressing the Cancel button in the Aloof pairing interface.

[image_frame title=”Pairing Code” alt=”Paring Code”][/image_frame]

Entering the Pairing Code

At this point the pairing code is entered into the iTunes installation it’s being paired with. To indicate it’s ready to Pair with the Aloof Remote, iTunes will present a Remote icon within it’s interface. Depending on your installation, this button will appear either in the left side bar under a Devices heading, or if the side bar is not visible, as a Remote button under the search box in the upper right of iTunes.

[image_frame title=”iTunes Remote Button Locations” alt=”iTunes Remote Button Locations”][/image_frame]

Up on selection of the remote button, iTunes will present a panel to enter the pairing code. Entering the pairing code Aloof provided to complete the process. Upon success, the Aloof pairing panel will disappear and iTunes will display an “Okay” button.

If iTunes fails to display the remote device buttons, ensure that the iTunes and Aloof computers are on the same local network and can access each other. Firewalls and other network protection mechanisms can inhibit this process and will need to provide Aloof access to your iTunes server.

Pairing Completed

When the pairing process has completed successfully, the server is added to the paired servers list in Aloof and the server is set as the current music server. You can now control that music server with the functionality of Aloof, all from the convenience of your Mac desktop.

Disclaimer: iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This program makes no claim to be either authorized or approved by Apple, Inc.