The Playlists panel of Aloof provides a quick method to select the source of music for iTunes. Following the layout and hierarchy of playlists on the current iTunes server, the Playlists panel provides access to Genius playlists, Smart Playlists and Normal playlists defined on iTunes.

The Playlist panel is intended for source selection only, and doesn’t deliver playlist management features such as creation, editing our deletion. These complex actions are easily performed performed within the expanse of the iTunes interface.

Playlist Display

Playlists are organized as they are on iTunes, with groupings for Genius-based playlists as well as standard Playlists. The types of playlists are indicated by their icons. These icons mimic those presented by iTunes.

Navigating your playlists is similar to navigating the playlist hierarchy in iTunes – you can expand folder playlists by selecting the triangle presented next to the folder playlist title.

Selecting a Playlist

Select a playlist as the source of music for iTunes is performed by right-clicking on the desired playlist. This presents a context menu with the following two options:

[fancy_list style=”arrow_list”]

  • Play Playlist – will play the contents of the playlist in order
  • Shuffle Playlist – the contents of the playlist are played in a random order


[image_frame title=”The Playlists Panel” alt=”The Playlists Panel”][/image_frame]

Once one of these menu items is selected, iTunes uses the selected playlist as it’s music source.

Disclaimer: iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This program makes no claim to be either authorized or approved by Apple, Inc.