The Settings panel of the Aloof interface provides a single location to configure and modify the behavior of Aloof to fit your needs.

Server Management

The server management section of the Settings page allows the user to add and remove servers registered with Aloof, as well as change the current Aloof server.

[image_frame title=”Server Settings” alt=”Server Settings”][/image_frame]

The current server is listed at the top of the server settings section. To change the current server, just select the new server in the Current server popup menu.

A list of currently paired servers is listed below the current server selector. This lists all servers paired with Aloof as well as their associated network addresses.

Select the “+” button to add a new server to Aloof. This will launch the Pairing process, as outlined in “Pairing with iTunes”. Once a new server is paired with Aloof, that server is made the current server.

To remove a server from Aloof, select that server in the Paired Servers list and select the “-“ button. If the delete server is the current server, Aloof will disconnect from that server and attempt to connect with another server it has paired with. If no other servers exist, Aloof will enter an idle state.


Aloof provides the option to display when User Notifications when the Aloof user interface is hidden and the current song changes. This functionality is enabled by default, but is disabled by unchecking the User Notification checkbox

[image_frame title=”Notifcation Settings” alt=”Notifcation Settings”][/image_frame]

Hot Keys

Aloof registers global hot keys to allow rapid access to Aloof functionality. The defaults for these keys are noted in “Keyboard shortcuts”.

[image_frame title=”Hot Key Settings” alt=”Hot Key Settings”][/image_frame]

The settings page provides the ability to define custom key combinations for the Aloof hot-key enabled functionality. Just click on the entry box with your mouse and then type the hot-key desired for that function to define a custom combination.


Aloof provides the ability to automatically start on login. Enabling this preference adds Aloof to the Login Items for the current user. This settings is disabled by default.

[image_frame title=”Auto-Start Setting” alt=”Auto-Start Setting”][/image_frame]

Aloof Version

The version number of Aloof is listed at the bottom of the Settings panel.

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